Presentations – Papers and Powerpoints (by lead presenters’ surnames, alphabetically organized). For abstracts, and biographies on presenters, please refer to the Institute Detailed Program above.
Financing Co-operation
  • Azaroff, William of Vancity
Advances in Education within the Community Wealth Building Field
  • Bhatt, Keane and Steve Dubb of The Democracy Collaborative
Texas’ Immigrant Populations and Cooperative Education
  • Carrera, Rick of Texas Rural Cooperative Center
Cooperative Education Inventory Study
  • Clamp, Chris and Eklou Amendah, Southern New Hampshire University
Research with The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives
  • Cornwell, Janelle, co-author of Building Co-operative Power
Applying Our Coop Philosophy to a New Era
  • Cuevas Mercado, Jaime of Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples de Puerto Rico
Cooperative Education, Texas Style
  • Engelke, Tommy of TACC and John Park, AgriLife Extension
Research into Action
  • Fraenza, Chris of the Filene Research Institute
The Role of Cooperatives in the Nation’s Economy:  Educating Future Cooperatives Owners and Leaders
  • Gala, Caron of The Council on Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics
Co-operative Governance Portal
  • Hancock, Erin of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada
Cooperative Certificate Feasibility
  • Kelsay, Rod of Mid Amercia Cooperative Council
CHS Center for Cooperative Growth
  • Lamker, Jessica of CHS Inc.
A Cooperative Approach to Ethics
  • Lebel, Colette and Nancy Malenfant of La Coop fédérée
Use of Research in the Classroom
  • McKee, Gregory of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives
Impact and Relevance of Co-operative Business Education
  • Miner, Karen of Saint Mary’s University and Claude-André Guillotte of Université de Sherbrooke
UWCC Research Updates–Cooperative Economic Impacts
  • Pitman, Lynn of the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
Living The Cooperative Values within Your Organization
  • Schwartz, Adam of the Cooperative Way and Colette Lebel of La Coop fédérée
 Worcester Roots: Toxic Soil Busters & Coop Academy
  • Toussaint, Sam, and and Nene Igietaeme, Worcester Roots
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