San Juan, Puerto Rico 4/8/2013-7/8/2013

Presentations – Papers and Powerpoints (by lead presenters’ surnames, alphabetically organized). For abstracts, and biographies on presenters, please refer to the Institute Conference Materials above.
Student and Community-Owned Development
  • Campbell, Katie of AYNAH
Mapping Cooperative Studies in Higher Education in the USA and Canada
  • Clamp, Chris of Southern New Hampshire University
Crowdfunding 101
  • Cohen, Bob, Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Kent State University
Capacitación para Directores de Cooperativas
  • Cuevas Mercado, Jaime, Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples de Puerto Rico
Resources from Nation-Wide Organizations — USA
  • Decker, Tom, Director of Cooperative Development, NCBA
Resources from Nation-Wide Organizations–Canada
  • Gracie, Tanya, Canadian Co-operative Association
Immigrant Worker Owned Cooperatives: A User’s Manual
  • Ji, Minsun, El Centro Humanitario, & Tony Robinson, University of Colorado Denver
Building Cooperation through Popular Education
  • Pérez de Alejo, Carlos, Cooperation Texas
Ley Núm. 220 / Ley Especial COOPERATIVAS JUVENILES Puerto Rico
  • Santiago Ortiz, Mildred, Liga de Cooperativas de Puerto Rico
Solidarity in our Collective of Life: Planet Earth
  • Solis, Vivienne Rivera & Patricia Madrigal Cordero. CoopeSoliDar R.L.
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