ACE Award Nomination

The nomination process is easy and a great way to show appreciation for individuals and organizations supporting cooperative education. ACE Awards are presented at the annual ACE Institute.
For 2019, nominations must be received by April 26th. Nominations can be submitted in English, Spanish or French.
The following are categories for ACE awards. In addition, ACE will recognize one member who provides outstanding support to the organization and its efforts:

Outstanding Contribution to Cooperative Education and Training: Award recognizes an individual or organization for their continuing contribution to educating about the the benefits, impact, and principles of cooperatives through academic curriculum, publications, marketing campaigns, member communications, and leadership training programs.

The William Hlushko Award to Young Cooperative Educators: Award recognizes an ACE member, 35 years or younger, for achievement as a cooperative educator.

The Reginald J. Cressman ACE Award: Award recognizes an ACE Member who demonstrates outstanding commitment to staff development as exemplified by long-time cooperator Reginald J. Cressman.

The John Logue ACE Award: Award recognizes an individual or organization whose educational programs, technical assistance or research acts as a catalyst for change by creating innovative cooperatives that promote a democratic work environment and economic sustainability for people and communities.

The William J. Nelson Contribution to ACE Award:  This is a longstanding award renamed in 2016 to acknowledge the incredible contribution of William J. Nelson to the association.  William, the president of the CHS Foundation until his retirement in early 2016, was also a board member and president of ACE.  For many years, he has helped keep the association as a valuable connector of cooperators in Canada, United States and the Caribbean. The Board of Directors of ACE nominates award recipients.

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