Scholarships and travel stipends for the ACE Institute are available for a limited number of eligible applicants from the following sources:

  • The application deadline for 2017 ACE Scholarships has been extended to June 1.  Thanks to the generosity of the CHS Foundation, ACE also has scholarships for students/youth to assist their participation in the ACE Institute in Denver (covering their registrations, food and campus housing). Please complete the application form to apply for a scholarship.  ACE-Scholarship_EN   demande de bourse_FR   Solicitud de Becas ACE SP
  • The Ralph K. Morris Foundation offers scholarships and travel stipends for cooperative education programs. Deadline for applications is 30 days prior to the program. Information about the Foundation is available at
  • The Cooperative Communicators Association’s Sullivan Fund offers scholarships for cooperative communicators to attend cooperative related conferences. Fill out the application form for the Sullivan Scholarship.
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