Welcome to CENet – ed.coop!

The Cooperative Educators Network (ed.coop) is a free, open hub for educational resources and materials for teaching and learning about cooperative enterprises. You will find several curated learning paths (in English, Spanish and French) designed to help someone self-teach to increase their awareness, knowledge or skills OR for someone in an educator role to gather materials to use in the teaching of others. You will also find an extensive listing of cooperative libraries/resources pages, as well as event listings and cooperative education news.
Thank you to our partners Grassroots Economic Organizing and the TESA Collective who worked with ACE in bringing this project to life. Thank you also to the CHS Foundation for their generous support in providing grants to help both the consultation process that led us to developing this network and also in the development of the network site. The more than 200 organizations and individuals who helped in visioning this network and providing the content/educational resources were essential in making this a vital resource for the co-opsphere and beyond.

Find out more at ed.coop!

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