Mobile Learning Sessions (TOURS) CASC-ACE Conference June 2, 2016

MLS Puerto Rico 2013 ACE Institute

ACE Institute participants toured cooperatives in Puerto Rico, 2013.


Tours or Mobile Learning Sessions have been an important part of co-operative educators’ experiences dating back to at least 1956 at the University of Saskatchewan when the ACE Institute was held in Canada for the first time.

Mobile Learning Sessions, a name that was later given to the tours to acknowledge their roles as off-site classrooms, allow conference participants and local co-operators to exchange ideas and best practices. They also enhance participants’ understanding of the environment in which area co-operatives operate.

Past Mobile Learning Sessions have included visits to a worker-owned laundry in Cleveland, a large agricultural co-op owned by ranchers in Texas, a dairy co-operative and leading cheese producer in Quebec, the first senior housing co-operative in the United States, a locally-owned natural food co-operative in Massachusetts and an insurance co-operative, owned by 200 credit unions, that has significantly contributed to Puerto Rican culture for more than 50 years.

Mobile Learning Sessions 2016

June 2, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Leaving from the University of Calgary, there will be two distinct tours in 2016 with up to 50 people each.

Both tours will expose participants to established and start-up ventures.  Whether the co-operative is a recent solution to financial or cultural challenges or has been part of the Alberta economic landscape for more than a century, all are working hard to engage their members, attract a new demographic and serve an aging population.MLS cover

Both tours will last about seven hours and spend around 60 minutes at each location unless other speakers are invited to the location or lunch is scheduled. We’ve aimed to spend as little time as possible traveling between tour sites. Although tours are in English for the most part, a simultaneous interpreter may be part of the group if Spanish or French speaking participants wish extra help. Some walking is required.

When you arrive at the conference, you will sign up for Tour A or Tour B. Detailed descriptions are available here.

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