Presentations – Papers and Powerpoints (by lead presenters’ surnames, alphabetically organized). For abstracts, and biographies on presenters, please refer to the Institute Detailed Program above.
  • Bauen, Rebecca
    Democracy at Work Institute
  • Bhatt, Keane and Steve Dubb, The Democracy Collaborative
Shared-Services Cooperatives: Strengthening Local Economies Through Collaboration
  • Clamp, Chris of Southern New Hampshire University and Carol Coren, Cornerstone Ventures LLC
Co-ops, Students and Faculty Together: The UMass Co-operative Enterprise Collaborative
  • Crowell, Erbin of  Neighboring Food Co-op Association; Nancy Folbre, UMASS; Olicia Geiger, UMASS; Adam Trott, VAWC
Telling the Co-op Story
  • Cumbie, Patricia of CDS Consulting Co-op
Co-operate Now
  • Del Bianco, Elvy of Vancity
Wired Differently: How to Spark Better Results
  • Dosch, Vern, CEO, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)
The Learning/Action Lab for Community Wealth Building
  • Dubb, Steve of The Democracy Collaborative
Reflections on Co-operative Education: Inform, Train, Transform
  • Fouquet, Étienne, André Martin, Claude-André Guillotte of IRECUS, Université de Sherbrooke
Education & Training for Cooperative Enterprise in Mondragon
  • Freundlich, Fred of Faculty of Business, Mondragon University
Cooperating for the Integration of Francophone Immigrants in Ontario
  • Geremie, Julien of Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario
A Perspective from Rural and Aboriginal Communities in Western Canada
  • Landrie-Parker, Dazawray of the University of Saskatchewan
Learning Styles in Cooperatives Course Offered in Three Modes
  • McKee, Gregory of North Dakota State University
Credit Unions and the Cooperative Model
  • Smith, Kevin of TEAM Resources
Cooperative Education for a Resilient Future
  • Svoboda,  Megan, Roberta Giordano, Zen Trenholm, and Jeff Noven of Student Environmental Resource Center at UC Berkeley
We Run This: Peer to Peer Internal & External Education Mechanisms
  • Trott, Adam of VAWC and Erbin Crowell of Neighboring Food Co-op Association and University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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